We’re offering a range of fitness classes and personal development workshops so that you can create a weekend experience that fits with your weekend goals and values. Take a look at the classes and learn more about our instructors.

Here’s our 2019 Line-up:

Personal Development Workshops:

DeStress and ReCharge
Instructor: Sarah Knight

If you’re feeling maxed out in life right now and you’re curious about discovering methods to destress and recharge, then listen up, friend.

This workshop brings together different energy medicine and therapeutic techniques, all designed to walk participants through a cycle of RELEASING stagnant energy, OPENING UP to the flow of universal life force energy, GUIDING self-healing, STRENGTHENING our powerful centres, and GROUNDING in a place of rest and connection with the earth.

And you don’t need any experience in this field. For reals.

Sarah uses a combination of gentle movements, breathing, tapping, shaking, chakra clearing techniques, hands-on self-healing, guided meditations, and often much laughter and play too, to move energy in and around the body.

These workshops are very gentle and require no prior knowledge as Sarah leads every movement and activity, explaining all of the energy jargon too. Participants will go away with a handout that includes a set of practical self-healing tools for everyday use.

Feedback from past participants include an enhanced feeling of peace and well-being, improved mental clarity, decreased stress levels, and a greater sense of joy and ease following a class. Sign. Me. Up (yo).

About Sarah: Sarah is a Reiki Master, Bioenergy Practitioner, and Family Constellations Facilitator working as part of a team of healthcare practitioners in at the Kingston Integrated Healthcare Inc (KIHC).  Prior to moving to Canada a few years ago, she spent many years living in Ireland where she conducted the majority of her energy healing training. She also holds a PhD in marine science and worked for many years in this area. Her training as a scientist helps Sarah in her healing practice every day. She approaches each new situation with an open, curious mind and an excited sense of possibility – every moment really is a divine experiment.

Energy work has been the foundation of Sarah’s own healing journey, and can be used for any health concern, ranging from acute stress to chronic physical pain and disease.  She uses all of the techniques in her toolbox, tailoring each treatment to the needs of the client.

Let’s Talk About Sex Workshop
Instructor: Gaia Morrissette

Ready to talk about sex? Like, really getting into it?

Imagine laughing, sharing and learning with the ladies for two hours while discovering the sex education that we all wish we had earlier in life! Gaia is a knowledgeable Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist, and this is your chance to ask any question related to sex, love or relationships.

Don’t worry about being shy or judged as everyone gets to write their questions down anonymously so you can finally ask the questions you have been dying to ask. Gaia guarantees that each guest will take away at least one (usually more) tip or trick to improve her sex life no matter their personal sexual experiences. You will be safe, so no question is off limits. Fun, right?

About Gaia: Gaia Morissette is a speaker, trainer, and coach who makes the world happier, safer, sexier for us all. Gaia (pronounced Guy-a) helps people live with more pleasure through Holistic Sexual Wellness, Trauma Recovery, and Divine Sexual and Elemental Magicks. She is a Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist and BDSM Wellness Specialist, a published author ,  and the Founder of SucculentLiving.com.

Nutrition for Better Digestion and Energy
Instructor: Johanna McKenna

Are you constantly reaching for your coffee mug in the afternoon? Waking up feeling even more tired? Tired of trying to zip up your pants over your bloated tummy?

Johanna’s got a solution for that.

Learn simple tricks to improve digestion and increase energy. After identifying your own personal digestion issues, Johanna will offer insight into addressing those specific digestion challenges and break them down in easy-to-understand language and realistic solutions (that don’t require expensive mushroom elixirs and small-fortune potions!). She’ll also answer any questions to help give you clarity.

About Johanna: Johanna loves two things in life: movement and food. So as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Pilates Mat Instructor with degrees in Human Kinetics and Fitness & Health promotion, she’s living out her dream to help people feel their best.  She’s a long-time wellness junkie with a special interest in making self-care simple and achievable for busy women.

Johanna is a huge believer in the power of food to harm or to heal and she follows a plant-focused, whole-food diet. Heck, she even turned her meat-and-potatoes-loving husband into a power-bowl loving, greens freak! That’s magic. She’s on a mission to help others adopt healthy balance where 80% of the time is a clean diet, and the remaining 20% could include pizza, craft beer, and chocolate on the menu.

When it comes to fitness, she once believed that ‘harder, faster, stronger’ was the only way to train – that is, until she discovered Pilates. She now lives pain-free through mindful movement and remains passionate about helping others discover this way of therapeutic exercise. Also, (Cathy sidenote) her hair always looks incredible.

Vision Board Workshop

Envision Your Best Life: Learn Effective Manifesting Tools to Create a Life You Love.

Do you want to learn the secret to creating an amazing life? Are you ready to create an amazing life that is fueled by your desires? Are you looking for something fun and different to do this weekend? Do you know what your defining moments in your life are? Is this your sign and wake up call to alter your life?

In this two-hour workshop, you will discover the secret to manifesting your personal life goals while creating a beautiful piece of art inspired by you and by the life you want to create for yourself.  Join other like-minded women who want to spend a fun-filled afternoon laughing, sharing ideas, learning, and growing together. You will have the opportunity to explore your creative side as you ignite your passions and truly discover what you want in your life.

It’s a magical experience and the perfect time to connect with the powers of creativity and abundance to manifest your desires.

What is a Vision Board?  A vision board is a collage of pictures, phrases, words or items that represent you and your goals. A vision board is a tool used to inspire you to get clear and focused on your short-term or long-term goals. It helps paint a visual picture of how you see yourself and your life in the next year to five years.

Note: there is a $20 materials fee to pay to the instructor (taxes in). That way, we don’t have to limit the numbers to work within our own budget.

About Joceline: At five years old, Joceline discovered her intuitive skills, which she Inherited from three distinct lineages in her historic family. She eagerly discussed her intuitive experiences with her beloved grandmother who then taught Joceline how to graciously assist others with her extraordinary gift.

Over the past 25 years, Joceline has honed her intuitive skills by learning how to accurately develop her intuition and progressively expand on her knowledge. I immersed myself in mastering my education in the art of healing, self-help, self-improvement and personal development. She’s certified in traditional life coaching, master spirit life coaching, Reiki and magnified healing so she can serve her private clients in many diverse ways (Cathy sidenote: I went and took one of Joceline’s workshops and got so much value from it.).

Fitness Classes:

Pilates that Feels Good
Instructor: Johanna McKenna
From gentle movement to more advanced poses, Pilates will help you build your core and postural strength while working all muscles for a leaner, stronger frame. This class will be great for beginners and Catherine will provide intermediate-level participants with modifications to make the moves more challenging.

Reclaim Your Sexy (the art of striptease)
Instructor: Terra Marie

Ladies, you asked for this class, and here it is!

The world is full of women living with bodies that feel like they don’t belong to them. We feel stagnated, rigid and lack the freedom to express our feminine strength.

Let’s change that.

This workshop is all about letting go and tuning in to our feminine energy and erotic expression. Discover how to reclaim your sexy through sensual movement and the art of striptease. YES!

What to wear: Comfortable attire that you can move freely in.

About Terra: Terra Marie is the Founder and an instructor at Sensual Serenity movement studio in Kingston, Ontario. She specializes in pole dancing, yoga, correctional movement training for athletes, and has a background in dance. She completed a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion and has been teaching full-time in the fitness industry for over 16 years.

Alternative fitness piqued her interest when a family member bought her Carmen Electra’s striptease aerobics DVDs in the early 2000s. Since then, she has been attending workshops in pole dance, burlesque, chair dancing, lap dancing and striptease all over the world.

Guided Hike with a dose of a Forest Bath
Instructor: Anne-Marie Forcier

Ever heard the term, Forest Bathing? Essentially, forest bathing is taking time to unwind and connect with nature to improve your health. Simply put: forest bathing is retreating to nature to immerse in the forest atmosphere. Sounds delicious, right? You’ll be taken on a guided hike from the incredible Anne-Marie that will showcase the Rideau Canal, Ontario’s Only UNESCO World Heritage Site while moving your body in nature.

About Anne-Marie: Anne-Marie has owned and operated AMPLITUDE Tourism Consulting since 2006. Some of her clients include Ontario By Bike, The Waterfront Regeneration Trust, Ontario Festival of Small Halls, 1000 Islands Accommodation Partners, Vélo Quebec, Société économique de l’Ontario and the Rideau Heritage Route Tourism Association, where she provided Executive Director services for 9 years.

Anne-Marie also owns RIDEAU TOURS with her husband Luc which they launched in 2015 at Chaffey’s Lock on the Rideau Canal. They offer several unique Rideau “Signature experiences” and packages that guests can purchase to enhance their visit to the region including bike, kayak and paddleboard rentals, boat cruises and custom tours.

Yoga Classes (all led by Ellie McMillan)

Ellie McMillan

TGIF: Restorative Yoga + Aromatherapy
Welcome yourself to a weekend of restoration with a chilled out yoga class with essential oils. You can expect to move very little, breathe really deep, and a serious savasana. Bring your mat or a towel + a blanket. Jammies welcome.

Steady + Centered: Heated Class (Saturday Morning)
This yoga session will be an alignment-based class to sequentially open the body + center the mind. This class will be heated to warm up the muscles + build tapas (fire) within.  All levels welcome. Bring your mat or towel.

Restorative Yoga + Aromatherapy (Saturday night)

If you don’t feel like hitting up the Dance party, then here’s the perfect excuse to keep it low key. Bring your mat or a towel + a blanket. Jammies welcome. You can expect to move very little, breathe really deep, and experience a serious savasana and rest.

Sun(day) Salutations (Sunday Morning)
This early-morning class will focus stretching out your legs from a possibly active weekend. Expect [optional] sun salutations to build heat and end with a longer savasana to savour every moment. Bring a mat or towel.

About Ellie: Ellie McMillan is a Yoga Teacher and doTERRA Leader who loves to create sacred connection both on and off the yoga mat. She helps women create a deeper connection with their true self through movement + essential oils. She loves sacred gems, the sound of kittens purring, and kitchen dance parties with her love. You can find her online at www.elliemcmillan.com and on Instagram @leadfromyourheart