We’re offering a range of fitness classes and personal development workshops so that you can create a weekend experience that fits with your weekend goals and values. Take a look at the classes and learn more about our instructors.

Here’s our 2018 Line-up:

Personal Development Workshops:


Shulamit Ber Levtov, Counsellor

How to Be Your Own Best Friend: Using self-compassion in everyday life
Instructor: Shulamit Ber Levtov

Picture this: it’s Wednesday night, you’re exhausted and so you decide to go to bed early, ignoring all the to-dos on your list.

Fast forward six hours later: you’re rushed. The kids are screaming, you still haven’t showered, and breakfast just ain’t happening. On the outside, you’re rushing everyone. But, inside? You’re beating yourself up. You should have just gotten organized the night before. You look like a bag of crap in that outfit. And your kids are definitely going into therapy as adults. Boy, you’re mean to yourself.

How about you get the tools and tips on becoming your own new best friend rather than your worst high school frenemy? As you get set to return to reality after the retreat weekend, you’re going to learn how to use self-compassion to help handle stress.

Part 1: Why and how does self-compassion help with stress?  (theory) What is self-compassion, and how do you do it on the fly? (skills learning and experiential practice); Part 2: Growing self-compassion muscles: a facilitated, step-by-step group writing and experiential exercise that will teach participants how to listen to themselves the way their very best friend or favourite therapist would.

Participants will receive a PDF self-empathy journal and an MP3 of a guided self-empathy exercise so they can replicate part two at home.

About Shulamit: Shulamit has a Masters in Counselling and Spirituality, and she’s certified as a trainer in both Nonviolent Communication and Focusing (the third in the world to hold this dual certification), and a Registered Social Worker. She helps working and entrepreneurial women transform stress with kindness (and sometimes Yoga) so that they can cope well and feel better about themselves.


Andrea Picket

How not to pee your pants when you sneeze: and other socially awkward, pelvic-floor problems
Instructor: Andrea Picket

You know when an actor in the movies says something so funny that the lead actress simultaneously spits out her martini once the punchline is given? Funny, right? But what happens when the same thing happens to you but you instead spit pee out of your pants? Oh, man. Things just got weird, didn’t it?

Pelvic Floor Irregularities are is so, so common for women, especially if you’ve had kids or are going through menopause.  While leaking is common, it ain’t normal. In this workshop, Physiotherapist and Pelvic Floor Specialist Andrea Picket will hit on all things pelvic floor. She’ll touch on the following points: where IS my pelvic floor? Should I even be Kegeling? Is Kegeling even a verb? What is diastasis rectus and how do I find it and fix it? What are some healthy vulvar skin-care habits?

This is a great workshop to ask all the questions you’ve wanted to ask about your va-jay-jay, but have been too shy/busy/leaking to ask. By the end of the workshop, you’ll walk away with tips for pelvic floor health, some strengthening exercises and some real talk on what’s going on down there.

About Andrea: A registered physiotherapist since 2003, Andrea’s growing passion for helping women led her to get certified as a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist in 2014. Since launching her practice, Andrea’s worked with women dealing with bowel/ bladder dysfunctions (frequency, urgency, incontinence), pelvic organ prolapse, postpartum abdominal separation, prenatal care, as well as vulvar, lumbo- sacral & pelvic girdle pain. A strong believer in health & wellness, Andrea takes pride in continuing education & guiding her clients towards a more active lifestyle.


Jaana Brett

Sketch Note Lettering Workshop
Instructor: Jaana Brett

When it comes to taking the time to write – with an actual pen in our hands – we rarely do it. With our correspondence so dedicated to rapid-fire emails and quick texts, it’s easy to push writing to the side.

So, what if you could sketch? You could turn the words in your head into inspiring yet quick and beautiful notes that summarize all the feels by looking at just one page.

In this workshop, creative lettering guru Jaana Brett will lead you through a therapeutic sketch note lettering session. Use basic tools you can find around the house (or steal from your kids) and learn how to use them to take beautiful notes during those boring work meetings or document travel or memorable experiences. You’ll learn how to organize and layout pages and mix modern calligraphy techniques with your own handwriting style. What to bring: a notebook and a handful of pens, pencils, markers and crayons (we’ll have some writing utensils on site, too).

About Jaana: With her extensive list of creative talents, Jaana Brett frequently finds herself wearing many hats. Graphic designer, hand lettering artist, teacher, designer, creative idea guru – not to mention wife and mama to two adorable little munchkins – Jaana does it all. Working in her Paaper Studio, (a quirky play on her unique name), Jaana’s designs can be found all over the place – from shop windows and event posters to menu boards. Her unique style of hand-lettering caters to the needs of a vast array of projects, including her most recent obsession: chalkboard signage.


Wine Appreciation and Pairing
Instructor: Karri Cameron 

Karri Cameron

Karri Cameron

True story: you love wine. But when it comes to selecting the right one for your next dinner party, book club session or romantic evening by yourself while binge-watching Grey’s, you freeze.

In this workshop, sommelier Karri Cameron will walk you through the basics of understanding wines, breaking down the terminologies and knowing how to pair them with food. And, yes – there will be sampling!

About Karri: As a full-time federal employee and mom of two, Karri knows a thing or two about wine. Her long-time passion for wine led her to become a certified sommelier in 2009 through Algonquin College. As a member of the National Capital Sommelier Guild, she also volunteers at various wine and food shows through Ottawa and area, guest speaks at tradeshows and is a local wine representative for an Ontario winery (Sprucewood Shores). In other words? She’s our new best friend.



Create Your Own Pillow Cover Workshop
Instructor: Julie Breeze and her Red Brick Emporium Team

Julie Breeze

You’ve been eyeing the create-your-own-pillow-cover workshops for a while, and now it’s your chance to do it!  In this workshop, you’ll transform a blank pillow cover into a statement piece for your home. Your project will look crisp and clean and you might not believe you did it yourself! You will gain hands-on experience using Country Chic Paint while creating a beautiful gift for yourself or for a loved one (Mother’s Day is coming up). All the supplies are included and there is a material fee of $15 (cash paid to instructor)

About Julie: Julie Breeze owns and operates the Red Brick Emporium in Perth, Ontario, and her creative talent has led to a huge following for her home décor workshops. She has a passion for decor and an eye for secret treasures. Her ultimate goal is to turn our homes into our passion all while letting our inner beauty sparkle on the outside.



Fitness Classes:

Catherine Ball

Instructor: Catherine Ball
From gentle movement to more advanced poses, Pilates will help you build your core and postural strength while working all muscles for a leaner, stronger frame. This class will be great for beginners and Catherine will provide intermediate-level participants with modifications to make the moves more challenging.

About Catherine: A STOTT-trained Pilates instructor and registered physiotherapist, Catherine’s been leading Pilates classes since 2009. She enjoys helping clients transition from physiotherapy treatments to the exercise world, and Pilates is a great stepping stone for that next step. Learn more about her classes at the Perth Physiotherapy Wellness Centre & Fitness Studio




April Fraser

Boot Camp: Cardio and Plyometrics
Instructor: April Fraser
Mix of running and body weight exercises/plyometrics to get your heart rate up and take in the beautiful surroundings at the same time. There will be a mix of upper and lower body exercises. This workout will be done without any equipment to show you that you don’t need a fancy gym to get in a good workout!
What to bring – towel, water bottle, running shoes and the willingness to work hard.


Stop Mom Dancing and Start Grooving: Cardio Dance Mix Class
Instructor: April Fraser
Ever get to a wedding or a dance and as soon as the music comes on, you go into automatic awkward dance mode? (we’re talking shopping cart, lawnmower and robot moves). With an epic dance party set for Saturday night at the ReTreat, here’s your chance to learn some dance moves while getting in a good workout! Join this fun, upbeat fitness class where you will learn new dance moves, sweat out your stress and laugh as you transform into the next Brit Brit. #nojudgingzone

About April: As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, nutritionist and lifeguard, April has truly taken her life-long passion for health and fitness and turned it into a successful career. Her love for exercise and creativity started when she was a child and began to take dance lessons. She attended a school for the arts which further developed her dancing technique and she then began teaching, and so personal training and group fitness was a natural progression from there.


Charity Frey

HIIT It Outdoors
Instructor: Charity Frey
This class will get your heart running and give you a good workout for the Sunday morning. Using the outdoors as our studio, we’ll sweat and have fun while soaking in the gorgeous Opinicon and Chaffeys Lock grounds one last time before heading home from the weekend.

About Charity: An avid runner, Charity has completed 5km, 10km and half marathon races. Her favourite race is the 25-km Run for The Toad Trail Race. When she’s not running, she’ll be taking part in a boot camp, swimming with her daughter or planning out her next home renovation project.


Self-Guided Hike on the Cataraqui Trail
If you’re looking for a great way to connect with nature before returning home on Sunday, then take a self-guided hike on the nearby Cataraqui Trail. It’s a serene setting that offers the perfect balance of moving your body and getting grounded.

Yoga Classes (all led by Ellie McMillan)

Ellie McMillan

TGIF: Restorative Yoga + Aromatherapy
Welcome yourself to a weekend of restoration with a chilled out yoga class with essential oils. You can expect to move very little, breathe really deep, and a serious savasana. Bring your mat or a towel + a blanket. Jammies welcome.

Early Riser Stretch (Saturday Morning)
This will be a combination of alignment and flow yoga to get you warmed up. You will practice Sun Salutations to get your blood pumping followed by some deep hip openers to prep your body for the rest of your day. All levels welcome. Bring your mat or towel.

Steady + Centered: Heated Class (Saturday Afternoon)
This yoga session will be an alignment-based class to sequentially open the body + center the mind. This class will be heated to warm up the muscles + build tapas (fire) within.  All levels welcome. Bring your mat or towel.

The Morning After (Sunday Morning)
A fun + slowly flowing class to ease into the morning after an epic dance party or hardcore hangs in your cabin. All levels welcome. Bring your mat or towel.

About Ellie: Ellie McMillan is a Yoga Teacher and doTERRA Leader who loves to create sacred connection both on and off the yoga mat. She helps women create a deeper connection with their true self through movement + essential oils. She loves sacred gems, the sound of kittens purring, and kitchen dance parties with her love. You can find her online at www.elliemcmillan.com and on Instagram @leadfromyourheart