The 2017 ReTreat Yourself Workshops and Classes had something for everyone. We’re offering a range of fitness classes and personal development workshops so that you can create a weekend experience that fits with your weekend goals and values. Take a look at the classes and learn more about our instructors.

These workshops will differ from 2018 but give you an idea about what to expect over the weekend:

Personal Development Workshops:


Shulamit Ber Levtov, Counsellor

How not to lose your sh*t every day: A Stress Management and Mindfulness Workshop
Instructor: Shulamit Ber Levtov
Long-term stress relief is an inside job. Learn why we flip our lids when the sh*t hits the fan and how to put the lid back on–in a healthy way–so that you can feel good and still cope effectively with what life is throwing at you.

About Shulamit: Shulamit has a Masters in Counselling and Spirituality, am certified as a trainer in both Nonviolent Communication and Focusing (the third in the world to hold this dual certification), and a Registered Social Worker. She helps working and entrepreneurial women transform stress with kindness (and sometimes Yoga) so that they can cope well and feel better about themselves.




Sharon Klinck, Sex Therapist

Is Sex another Chore on your ‘To-do’ List?
Instructor: Sharon Klinck
Are women really less interested in sex than men? What are the factors that tend to affect women’s interest in being sexual?
How do women get their mojo back?
Yep, we’re going there.
We will talk about what works to maximize a woman’s sexual wellbeing, including talking about sex researcher Emily Nagoski’s ‘accelerator versus brakes’ concepts (or turn-ons and turn-offs) and Barry & Emily McCarthy’s take on developing a couple sexual style that includes intimacy and eroticism. We’ll also explore your conditions for ‘good’ sex and understanding your partner’s conditions (and, have you even shared those conditions?).

About Sharon: Sharon Klinck, M.Sc., RP, RMFT, has been providing therapy services for more than three decades. Sharon offers individual and couple therapy within a private practice. Sharon has had experience with all modalities of therapy (individual, couple, family and group), but is currently concentrating on individual and couple work. Sharon also specializes in sex therapy. Sharon is a clinical member of AAMFT (American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy), a registered member of OAMFT (Ontario Association for Marriage & Family Therapy) and a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She is also a registered member of BESTCO (Board of Examiners for Sex Therapy & Counselling in Ontario).


Jaana Brett, Lettering With Love

Lettering with Love Workshop
Instructor: Jaana Brett
Learn to love your handwriting! This workshop teaches you to let go of past writing habits and fears by learning how to look at letters and hand writing tools in a new and therapeutic way. We start by exploring a little history, font therapy and some meditative techniques to unleash the art of lettering for love, not necessity. You’ll learn how to use all the basic tools like pencils, crayons, markers and brushes with watercolour. After some practice exercises we get into the exciting realm of techniques and creativity where you will work on a final piece of lettering using your favourite words, quote or name. (see what you’ll bring home below!)

Includes: Lettering work book, Writing tools (pencil, crayon, marker, brush + watercolour paint, Notebook) + Art paper for final lettering piece.
Max: 15 participants

About Jaana: With her extensive list of creative talents, Jaana Brett frequently finds herself wearing many hats. Graphic designer, hand lettering artist, teacher, designer, creative idea guru – not to mention wife and mama to two adorable little munchkins – Jaana does it all. Working in her Paaper Studio, (a quirky play on her unique name), Jaana’s designs can be found all over the place – from shop windows and event posters to menu boards. Her unique style of hand-lettering caters to the needs of a vast array of projects, including her most recent obsession: chalkboard signage.








You Are What You Write – A Journaling Workshop for Women
Instructor: Parrish Wilson
The process of writing can change you – how you see yourself, how you perceive situations, and your thoughts and feelings toward others. Taking the time to journal when you feel down can lift you and allow you to see the brightness of possibility. Likewise, taking the time to write when you feel joyful can make the joy grow and create a sense o

Parrish Wilson, Journaling

f celebration. Through simple exercises facilitated by professional writing coach Parrish Wilson, you will learn to use journaling to process emotions and uncover deeper truths, to nurture yourself through both the highs and lows of life. A supportive journaling practice is one of the most valuable forms of self-care, cultivating a natural tendency toward self-compassion and love.

About Parrish: Parrish Wilson is a Writing Coach + Book Editor working with women who are inspired to share their stories and wisdom through the written word. She is currently enrolled in a Graduate Certificate program in Creative Writing from Humber Writing School, and it’s her mission to create safe and accessible opportunities for women to pursue their dreams of writing and self-expression, whether the words live only in their journals or are destined to be published. She is also a mama to two young boys and a big fan of restorative yoga, high quality tea and messy (aka loved in) houses.


Fitness Classes:

Catherine Ball, Pilates

Instructor: Catherine Ball
From gentle movement to more advanced poses, Pilates will help you build your core and postural strength while working all muscles for a leaner, stronger frame.

About Catherine Ball: A STOTT-trained Pilates instructor and registered physiotherapist, Catherine’s been leading Pilates classes since 2009. She enjoys helping clients transition from physiotherapy treatments to the exercise world, and Pilates is a great stepping stone for that next step. Learn more about her classes at the Perth Physiotherapy Wellness Centre & Fitness Studio




Shannon Baillon, Boot Camp

Boot Camp: Cardio and Plyometrics
Instructor: Shannon Baillon
Mix of running and body weight exercises/plyometrics to get your heart rate up and take in the beautiful surroundings at the same time. There will be a mix of upper and lower body exercises. This workout will be done without any equipment to show you that you don’t need a fancy gym to get in a good workout!
What to bring – towel, water bottle, running shoes and the willingness to work hard

Boot Camp: Cardio and Core
Instructor: Shannon Baillon
A strong core is essential in our day-to-day lives and this workout will focus on exercises to build all aspects of your core strength. We will start out with some cardio exercises to warm up and get the blood pumping. Then we will work through a variety of core exercises alternating with some body weight exercises.
What to bring – towel, water bottle, running shoes and the willingness to work hard

About Shannon Baillon: Shannon first became passionate about fitness in Grade 5 when she asked her Dad how far a mile was and she ran out the country road and back to see if she could run that far! From there she became a dedicated runner, and has since competed in all distances of running from 5 km through to marathons and also in triathlons from Try a Tri distances through to the Ironman distance. For the past 6 years she’s been leading Boot Camp sessions with a wide variety of attendees and she loves the interactions with folks who are interested in fitness at every level and demonstrating how easy it is to get some exercise and how little equipment is required.


Charity Frey, Running

Walk/Run or Speed Work Class
Instructor: Charity Frey
This class will get your heart running and give you a good workout for the afternoon. Using telephone poles or other landmarks, you’ll either run or speed run with walks/slow runs as recovery stages. The class will begin with a warm-up and a cool down. Open to all levels.

About Charity: An avid runner, Charity has completed 5km, 10km and half marathon races. Her favourite race is the 25-km Run for The Toad Trail Race. When she’s not running, she’ll be taking part in a boot camp, swimming with her daughter or planning out her next home renovation project.




Rideau Tours, Bicycle, Walking & Kayak Tours

Bicycle Tour on the Cataraqui Trail
Instructor: Rideau Tours
Want a perfect way to start your morning by getting on a bicycle on a well-groomed trail? This 1-hour guided cycle tour on the Cataraqui Trail showcases one of the most scenic sections of the Trans Canada Trail system. All levels and includes bike and helmet.
Max: 6 people

Kayak Paddle Tour on Lake Opinicon
Instructor: Rideau Tours
Discover Lake Opinicion! On this 1-hour guided paddle tour on Opinicon Lake + a laminated chart of your paddling route; kayaks and life jackets supplied.
Max: 6 people

Walking Tour of Chaffey’s Lock
Instructor: Rideau Tours
Get your personal tour of a gorgeous little hub in the Rideau Lakes region! This one-hour guided Walking Tour of Chaffey’s Lock includes the Mill Art Gallery, Lockmaster’s House Museum, Heritage Cemetery and the Cataraqui Trail’s Iron Bridge. It’s a perfect mix of getting light exercise, viewing the landscape and getting a cultural and historic experience.
Max: 20 people

About Rideau Tours: RIDEAU TOURS was launched in 2015 and began with a few custom tours and bike rentals at Chaffey’s Lock. Today it offers several unique Rideau Canal “Signature experiences” that guests can purchase to enhance their visit to the Rideau region. All of these exciting experiences showcase the Rideau Canal, Ontario’s Only UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Yoga Classes (all led by Ellie McMillan)

Ellie McMillan, Yoga

Restorative Yoga + Aromatherapy (Friday Night)
Ready to start the weekend off right? Relax your body and mind with this restorative class to ease your way into and out of the weekend. A combination of breath and certified pure essential oils will aid in relaxation. Please bring a blanket or towel + your mat.

Down Home Stretch (Saturday midday class)
This is a good old stretch class to get you moving midday between activities. A light warm up to get your blood flowing followed by a strong savasana. All levels welcome.

Rise and Shine (Saturday and Sunday Morning Classes)
A flow-y hatha yoga class to welcome the morning and to start your day off more connected and limber. All levels welcome.

About Ellie: Ellie McMillan is a yoga teacher trainer and essential oil educator who loves to create sacred connection both on and off the yoga mat. Her passion is supporting women to find their passion and to be leaders in their community. She loves sacred gems, essential oils, the sound of kittens purring, and kitchen dance parties with her love. You can find her online at