We’re offering a range of fitness classes and personal development workshops so that you can create a weekend experience that fits with your weekend goals and values. Here’s our goal: You’ll move your body and your mind, but will still feel rested and relaxed! Take a look at the classes and learn more about our instructors.

Here’s our 2018 Line-up at Viamede:


Shulamit Ber Levtov, Counsellor

Workshop: Meditation Ain’t ‘All Zen’: Practical Ways to Integrate Meditation Into your Life
Instructor: Shulamit Ber Levtov

Have you struggled to meditate and have given up? In this workshop, Shulamit will debunk some meditation myths, and you’ll learn what meditation is. She’ll offer you some troubleshooting. You’ll also have opportunities to practice different kinds of meditation, ask questions and share your experience.


Workshop: How not to lose your sh*t every day: A Stress Management and Mindfulness Workshop
Instructor: Shulamit Ber Levtov

This is the perfect way to wrap up the weekend. Long-term stress relief is an inside job. Learn why we flip our lids when the shit hits the fan and how to put the lid back on–in a healthy way–so that you can feel good and still cope effectively with what life is throwing at you.

About Shulamit: Shulamit has a Masters in Counselling and Spirituality, and she’s certified as a trainer in both Nonviolent Communication and Focusing (the third in the world to hold this dual certification), and a Registered Social Worker. She helps working and entrepreneurial women transform stress with kindness (and sometimes Yoga) so that they can cope well and feel better about themselves.


Workshop: Pilates that Feels Good
Instructor: Johanna McKenna

Stretch the stress right out of you with a Pilates mat class focused on lengthening the spine, postural alignment, and core strength. This class is suitable for all levels and you’ll get some great tips and feedback on making your body move at its best.

Nutrition for Tired/Busy/Burnt Out/Pretty Much Every Women:
Learn simple tricks to improve digestion and increase energy (and don’t require expensive mushroom elixirs and small-fortune potions!). Johanna will provide insightful tips and approaches to health and will answer questions as well.


About Johanna McKenna: Johanna loves two things in life: movement and food. So as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Pilates Mat Instructor with degrees in Human Kinetics and Fitness & Health promotion, she’s living out her dream to help people feel their best.  She’s a long-time wellness junkie with a special interest in making self-care simple and achievable for busy women.

Johanna is a huge believer in the power of food to harm or to heal and she follows a plant-focused, whole-food diet. Heck, she even turned her meat-and-potatoes-loving husband into a power-bowl loving, greens freak! That’s magic. She’s on a mission to help others adopt healthy balance where 80% of the time is a clean diet, and the remaining 20% could include pizza, craft beer, and chocolate on the menu.

When it comes to fitness, she once believed that ‘harder, faster, stronger’ was the only way to train – that is, until she discovered Pilates. She now lives pain-free through mindful movement and remains passionate about helping others discover this way of therapeutic exercise.


Make your Own Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Instructor: Pamela Peckford

Want to make some jewellery that will have lasting effects on your wellness? Sweet P’s Pamela Peckford will help you craft an essential oil diffuser bracelet that will bring a whole new meaning to the term “arm candy.” She’ll have specific stones to help support a healthy spirit and energy, especially which can be enhanced when paired with essential oils. Each creation is an easy to wear statement piece that will complement your “Sweet” style.

About Pamela Peckford: Mom. Of all of the titles Pamela has ever had through her life and career, the ‘mom’ title is by far her most favourite. As a busy mom to three, Pamela left her career in advertising and marketing in 2012 to raise her family. Since then, she’s explored new and creative outlets all while raising her children. She loves the opportunity for growth, self-exploration and takes on every new day with a sense of wonder and gratitude.



Charity Frey

Take a Forest Bath (Not Literally!): Guided Hike Through the Kawarthas
Instructor: Charity Frey
Ever heard the term, Forest Bathing? Essentially, forest bathing is taking time to unwind and connect with nature to improve your health. Simply put: forest bathing is retreating to nature to immerse in the forest atmosphere. Sounds delicious, right? You’ll be taken on a guided hike that will showcase the Kawartha landscape while moving your body in nature.

About Charity: An avid runner, Charity has completed 5km, 10km and half marathon races. Her favourite race is the 25-km Run for The Toad Trail Race. When she’s not running, she’ll be taking part in a boot camp, swimming with her daughter or planning out her next home renovation project.


Yoga Classes (all led by Ellie McMillan)

Ellie McMillan

TGIF: Restorative Yoga + Aromatherapy
Welcome yourself to a weekend of restoration with a chilled out yoga class with essential oils. You can expect to move very little, breathe really deep, and a serious savasana. Bring your mat or a towel + a blanket. Jammies welcome.

Steady + Centered: Heated Class (Saturday Morning)
This yoga session will be an alignment-based class to sequentially open the body + center the mind. This class will be heated to warm up the muscles + build tapas (fire) within.  All levels welcome. Bring your mat or towel.

Free Your Hips Yoga Class (Saturday Afternoon)
Oh, this is gonna feel good. This yoga class will focus on opening up your hips to have more freedom and mobility in your back and legs. All levels.

Sun(day) Salutations (Sunday Morning)
This early-morning class will focus stretching out your legs from a possibly active weekend. Expect [optional] sun salutations to build heat and end with a longer savasana to savour every moment. Bring a mat or towel.

About Ellie: Ellie McMillan is a Yoga Teacher and doTERRA Leader who loves to create sacred connection both on and off the yoga mat. She helps women create a deeper connection with their true self through movement + essential oils. She loves sacred gems, the sound of kittens purring, and kitchen dance parties with her love. You can find her online at www.elliemcmillan.com and on Instagram @leadfromyourheart