Who’s Hosting this ReTreat Weekend?

Hey, there! This is Cathy James. The person behind the ReTreat Yourself Women’s Weekend.

Why – in the name of sangria – have I decided to host this weekend? Great question.

Honestly? Because I’m selfish. And because I think you should be, too.

Flashback, five years ago:

My former uni roommate and I were searching for a weekend away together where we could workout and drink wine together. Small goals, I know. But we couldn’t find much offered within Ontario, and so the trip never happened.

Since then, I got married, had two kids, lost sleep, rarely had the energy to catch up with girlfriends, and haven’t washed my bedsheets in three weeks. And guess what? That weekend away with my girlfriend STILL hasn’t happened.

So, I’m kinda like you. Maybe we’re not in the same season of life, but I bet we’re still in the same boat.

We feel pulled in many directions. We don’t get enough sleep. Our inbox hasn’t hit zero since ’08. We hate meal planning. We wish we ate better. We want to be more present with our kids. We want to exercise more. We want to be nicer spouses. We want to say ‘no’ more often. We’d love to follow through on our goals much more often. And those dream-like weekends away with some girlfriends rarely actually happen.

So, this ReTreat Weekend is for us. Yeah, us.

We just need a little time away to unwind, laugh with friends, sleep in, eat delicious food, workout, drink wine, blow off some steam, dip our toes in the water, and fill our cup up again. It’s as simple as that.

When putting this retreat together, I wanted to ensure you got all the things you’d want in a weekend away, while also ensuring it’s affordable. The weekend will include accommodation, five meals, full resort access and all the fitness classes and workshops. You’ll then be able to experience a pop-up crafters’ market and you can take it up a notch and eventually sign up for a spa service. All you gotta do is pack your yoga pants and a bottle of wine.

I hope that by signing up for this retreat, you’ll get whatever it is that you need for yourself. Because I know that’s what I need. Is that selfish? Maybe. But I think it’s amazing that by going to this retreat, you’ve given yourself permission to get away and recognize that it’s okay to do for yourself. Not for anyone else. But just for you.

See you there.