The ReTreat Yourself Women’s Weekend is all about you.

Life is busy. You work hard. You put others first.

Now, it’s your turn.

It’s a two-night, three-day, women’s-only weekend escape happening at the Opinicon Dining & Resort in Chaffeys Lock, Ontario from May 1-3, 2020.

This Retreat is perfect for you, if:

⇒You’re jonesing for a much-needed girls’ weekend away…

⇒You’d love a morning when you can sleep in, or go for a run or drink coffee in bed…

⇒Kids’ birthday parties are the only time you get quality times with friends…

⇒You just need to let loose, unwind and have some laugh-’til-you-cry convos with your closest gal pals…

⇒You consider a five-minute pee break an escape…

⇒You don’t make enough time for yourself. Ever…

⇒You daydream about a laundry-free, meal-planning-free, what-is-this-on-the-couch-free weekend…

⇒You want to try something new!

⇒You need to refill your cup.

Here’s what you’ll get when you come to the ReTreat Yourself Women’s Weekend:
  • Two nights’ accommodation in newly renovated cabins
  • Five meals with a focus on locally sourced food prepared by the resort’s executive chef (gluten-free/vegetarian/vegan/Paleo/Keto/Mojito {kidding} options available)
  • Early-morning yoga classes
  • Free access to a range of fitness and personal development classes.
  • All access to the resort site including its paddleboards, canoes and board games
  • Access to a pop-up spa service including massage (additional cost)
  • A Saturday night epic party where you’ll blow off steam and dance to music that makes you run to the dance floor (no judging, here!)
  • A swag bag/goodies to welcome you for the weekend.
Here’s how you’re likely gonna feel after you leave
the ReTreat Yourself Women’s Weekend:

⇒You’ll feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to go back to your lifestyle

⇒You’ll get some much-needed head space that you haven’t had for a long time

⇒You’ll re-connect with yourself, making you a better spouse, mom, co-worker

⇒You’ll re-connect with your friends and actually know what’s going on in their lives

⇒You’ll discover techniques to help you be your best in your everyday life

⇒You’ll have sore and tired muscles (the good kind!) from working out and by trying new fitness classes

⇒Your cup will feel full again, and you’ll be excited to get home to see the people you love.